Standing here, thinking of the days
when we were friends, as good as we could be!
But those days are over now, they ended a long time ago,
back when I loved you
more than you could see.

Now only seeing you makes me wanna die,
couse I know, it is not ment to be.
It is not ment for me to love you,
to hold you, kiss you when you cry.

All I have left - the pain.
It is tearing me appart,
as it has already
ripped out my heart.

Cant staind being next to you,
but not allowed to love you.
To let you know, what I feel.
To let my heart to heal.

To know you'll never belong to me
and me to you,
the thought.... it's kiling me.

How could you not see,
not feel
my wish to hold you in my arms.
To love you.