It has passed so much time,
But you still are on my mind
Why does my soul, heart suffer so much?
I just want your touch
I cry and I suffer,
I think so stupid of myself â??
It hurts and drives me crazy,
I'm like s little faded daisy,
Lost in my mind,
I donâ??t feel wanted,
My eyes are like made from glass,
This is like a disease I cannot pass,
There is no more you, no more me,
There is no paradise you seeâ??
All I can do is forget, forgive,
But all I want is believeâ??
What can I say? My memory is that bay,
Where we watched the stars I fell my heart is trapped in bars,
Save me from hell, from my unwanted cellâ??
All you have to do is say my name,
It will never be the sameâ??