I love You so MuCh

EveRy SecOnd..I NeeD YouR TuCh

I don't Now How to DescRibE

I WiLL Do AnyThinG..For You..I wiLL Die

I Like You'R Hairâ??I Like You'R Smile

I Want You For Ever..Not Just For a While

I ReaLy Like You..I ReaLy Do..

But I'm AfrAid, I'm Gonna Lose SomeThinG Special..That's You!

It ReaLy Matter's And Depend's

WiLL You be WiTh Me ?...Or WiLL We Even Be FriEndS ?

WeLLâ??I GuEs I wiLL StiL HaVe To WaIt To Be Mine

UniTil ThAnâ??I wiLL CrY..Or I wiLL Die ! ! !

Made with' love